June 18 & 19

10:00 - 1:00 PDT on Zoom

In 1 weekend you will go from spotty intuition to learning a pathway for consistent access into the Cosmic Consciousness flow of information - let's go!

Class size is limited...

It is important to make sure that every one of my students is safely and correctly accessing the Akashic Records, so class-sizes are small so I can "track" everyone's progress as we "travel." This means you'll get lots of personalized attention in class!

JENNY JO ALLEN, Clairvoyant

Learning to access my Akashic Records was a total game-changer for me & I love teaching intuitive skills to amazing women, so I can't wait to help you access a consistent, safe pathway into the Akashic Library of Soul-Memories.
Get Consistent Access
I always knew I was intuitive & sometimes I had flashes of clarity that left people in awe, but I didn't know how to access my intuition whenever I wanted to... it seemed to have 
"a mind of its own!" 
When I discovered the Akashic Records, I discovered a Consistent Pathway that was way more accurate & that I could access EVERY TIME.

Understand Your Past-Lives
One of the most amazing parts of learning to read the Akashic Records is learning about your Past-Lives. So much healing of Past-Life trauma that carries over into this life-time can occur just from understanding what happened in your deeper, hidden past.

Control Your Intuition
When we suppress our intuitive gifts they tend to "come out sideways" and that can be scary when you receive information that you don't like, & exhausting if you are receiving downloads while you are supposed to be peacefully sleeping. 
Learning to control your access is much different than suppressing it. 
You are allowed to have boundaries with your openness! 
I can teach you how.

I have a secret to share with you...
It's true, I was born psychic, BUT SO WERE YOU!

If you are experiencing occasional psychic moments where... 
~ you just KNOW something
~ or you have had prophetic dreams
~ or you can feel when others are hurting and you NEED to help them
~ or you wish your guides, crystals, tarot cards & pendulum would give you more answers...

Guess what?


There really isn't some big division between my gifts and your gifts - what it comes down to is where you focus your attention.

Just like a concert pianist has to practice to become proficient, I have had a lot of practice to get to where I am now - not only giving readings in the Akashic Records, but successfully guiding amazing Starseeds like you to develop your gifts and be able to consistently access the vast flow of information available in the Akashic Realm.

I hear ya if you're feeling like it's just too late for you... 
or you don't really want to be a psychic as a career path - hey that's okay! I know it's not for everybody!

But what if learning how to tap into your WHOLE POTENTIAL means that you need to activate the intuitive parts of your brain, too?

Millions of people around the world use meditation to harness more of their true potential by quieting their monkey-mind, but what if you could go further than that?

Really tap the HUGE POTENTIAL inside you?

That is a really good reason to learn how to Open Your Akashic Records.

And here's another secret...

Learning how to open MY Akashic Records was how I went from spotty intuition to Clear Visions & Precise Psychic Knowing.

The occasional intuition drove me crazy because it only came when IT wanted to - I had NO CONTROL over WHEN I received messages & dreams, nor could I DIRECT the subject matter of those "downloads."

Your Soul-Path doesn't have to be "Psychic Reader" to learn how to open your Akashic Records, but learning to access that vast flow of Light and Cosmic Consciousness will certainly help you FIND your Soul-Path.

AND give you answers to all the questions you have about your life, your Past-Lives and the Records can even give insight into your future!

Want to open that window into your true potential?

I can show you how in 1 weekend ~ but you need to sign up soon because the class is coming up and there is a little prep-work to do, 
so registration is only open for a little while longer.

Reserve your place now ~ I BELIEVE IN YOUR BRILLIANCE!

xoxo Jenny Jo
©2022 Align Your Light

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